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Servicing the Winston-Salem / Triad Area*

PC Repair. / Laptop Repair.
Custom P.C. builds and up-grades.
Home/Business Networking.
Network Security.
Basic PC Training.
Data Recovery.
And more. Please see below.
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We also buy and sell PC's/Laptops/Tablets and accessories. And we accept PC trade ins.

Servicing the Winston-Salem / Triad Area*

We have been servicing and repairing computers for over 25 years and always strive to give the best service at the best price. Our company's dream is for every man, woman and child to have access to a personal computer. No one should be without one and we are committed to making that dream happen by providing reliable and affordable computers that any budget can afford.

All general service & repair work billed at $45/hr with set costs on certain items:

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Service Pricing*

Security Software install. - $20 Does not include us removing any viruses.
(Includes complete security suite to help prevent future infections)

Security Software install. + Virus Removal - $50
Remove all Viruses, Malware & Spyware (also includes complete security suite to help prevent future infections)

Complete System Restore - $65 - $85
Complete wipe of system, full setup, all critical updates applied (includes Tune-Up & Security Suite Installation)

Data Recovery - $65
Can recover data on your Computer provided the Hard Disk is not completely dead
( No charge if data is not recovered - Does not include System Restore )

*distance of more than 5 miles will incur a travel expense fee of $20 (We prefer you bring your PC to our location)

**many services require your PC be left with our technician for at least 24hrs while work is completed.

***data recovery is never guaranteed but in most cases it is at least worth trying!